The Wolves

By Sarah DeLappe


Working on this show was such an incredible challenge and learning experience. The show tackled many issues of a young girls in an intriguing and creative way by highlighting the way real conversations among a team of young girls actually looks like. This was done by not shying away from the awkward topics like tampons or waxing, but most apparently by the style of dialogue. There were moments where only one character was talking at a time but the majority of the dialogue happens through conversations that overlapped and occurred simultaneously.


Audience members sitting in different parts of the audience would hear different conversations and not hear others and their attention was being constantly pulled in multiple directions! (I made my parents see the show twice and sit in different sections so they ould hear different things!) Not only was the text challenging, but we also had to look like we were soccer players and we were moving (or "warming up" for our game) continuously throughout each scene! 

The greatest challenges for me did not have to do with my character choices or acting skills but those that came with working with the text and incorporating soccer movements. The text had so much in it and it was so different than any text I had ever worked with in the theatre before. Memorization in general for this show was a challenge in a way that it has never been a challenge for me before. The lines are so conversational that you feel like you could almost say anything and it would be fine BUT you need to know your lines exactly because it could be a cue line for 3 other people due to all the multiple conversations happening at the same time! You also really needed to know your cue lines which was a challenge in itself because it could be a line from a whole other conversation that was happening at the same time and you had to keep going with YOUR conversation. Add stretches that you had to memorize when to change on certain lines or do a complicated soccer drill while trying to keep up with all this?  Very complicated, but so awesome. I had to be incredibly focused and listen really, really hard during the ENTIRE show which I was on stage for the ENTIRE time. Overall, these listening and multitasking skills have helped me improve my acting skills and presence on stage drastically. I loved the challenge of it all. 


What brought me the most satisfaction was watching this all come together in the last week. We also became really close as a cast in a way I had never experienced before. We had cast (or team) meals in the dining halls just for fun, made time to run lines all together outside of rehearsals, and just became really good friends who supported each other throughout the whole process. When you feel a real connection with your cast outside the stage, I believe it can just strengthen the connections on stage and bring a new level of truth to your performances. Being in this all women cast doing this really important and challenging show was so empowering. Our shows made people feel things and it was such an intimate set that we could see and feel the audiences reactions. I am just so proud of the work we all did and the beautiful and moving show we put on.