Cover Letter 

My name is Shoshi and I am currently seeking Film/TV and Theatre representation. I am a Music and Theatre double major at Goucher College with a concentration in performance and I am a recipient of the Wilhelm Scholarship in Theatre. 

Since I was six years old, I have been working with a theatre organization based in Philadelphia called “Yes! And... Collaborative Arts”. I attended their after-school programs as a kid; played lead roles in their original, full-stage, professional musicals each year; and became a mentor and personal coach for the younger kids as I got older.  The people at “Yes! And...” have always trusted me with great responsibility and known that I put my whole self into my performances. Five days before opening night of one of our yearly productions, one of the lead roles (an adult woman) grew ill and was unable to be a part of the show anymore. It was on this day, my 13th birthday, that the director pulled me aside and asked me to take over her part. I worked extremely hard and many long hours for the next five days to learn her part. Taking over this lead role was one of the most scary, exciting, and formative processes I have had in my young life, and I loved every second of it. It is with “Yes! And...” that I obtained such a high level of professionalism from a very young age. With them, I have gained important skills such as collaboration, self-direction, captivating stage presence, and years and years of acting, improv, and vocal training. 

My background is mostly on the stage but during my semester abroad in New Zealand this past fall, I played lead roles in two student films and found a new love for screen acting. I got a serious look into how it works on a film set and gained important experience in acting for the screen. In one film I had to act as a high-school student who had just been shot during a school shooting. This was incredibly challenging – I have never personally been shot and couldn’t pull from my own experiences – but I absolutely loved the challenge and pulled from other performances in movies or shows I’d seen while working one-on-one with the director to get it right and true.  

I have played a range of roles from a young, innocent, scared girl Ellen Rosen in “Number the stars,” to a powerful, wealthy, manipulative business-woman Ginni in “Harvest”, to an energetic, heroic coocoo-bird Gordon in “It’s About Time”. I strive to bring truth and life into each of my characters.